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We are vive

Welcome to vive SPANISH our Spanish school in Valencia!

At our institution, we are proud to present a team of passionate and dedicated professionals, committed to providing an exceptional educational experience to all our students.

Our team is made up of experts in teaching Spanish as a foreign language, each with extensive experience and a solid academic background. From highly qualified native teachers to pedagogical coordinators with a deep understanding of our students’ learning needs, each member of our team is committed to excellence in teaching and learning Spanish.

We strive to create a welcoming and stimulating environment where our students can immerse themselves in the Spanish language and culture in a fun and effective way. From dynamic and participatory classes to cultural activities and excursions, our team is dedicated to providing our students with the tools and confidence necessary to achieve their language goals.

At our school, we value diversity, inclusion, and mutual respect. We are here to support every student on their Spanish learning journey, whatever their level of language proficiency or personal goals.

We are delighted to welcome you to our Spanish school in Valencia and we look forward to accompanying you on your Spanish learning adventure.

Come discover the fascinating world of Spanish with us!

Our team


Enrique Guillem

My name is Enrique Guillem Ortega, I have a degree in Law from the University of Valencia, specialising in Business Law and a master’s degree in tax and fiscal from the Antonio de Nebrija University.

I am the Manager of the vive SPANISH, a registered lawyer who has been practising for more than 30 years, mainly in the field of private enterprise, specialising in Financial, Tax and Commercial Law.

I would be delighted to help you with any queries or clarifications you may need.
My hobbies are sports, cinema and reading, and if they are with my family, all the better.

Take care and look after yourself!

Teaching team

Vanessa Canet

Hi, I’m Vanessa. I have a degree in Psychology from the University of Valencia and later I did a master’s degree in HR at ESIC.

I have been involved in teaching Spanish since I was very young. I have always loved it. My family had the first Spanish school for foreigners in Valencia and I used to go as a child to see the students and talk to them.

I am passionate about my work and meeting people of other nationalities and cultures different from mine and sharing my knowledge with all of them.

I love being with my family, travelling and playing sports.

Antonio Jerez

I studied Psychology and Pedagogy at the University of Valencia and then moved to London, where I did a postgraduate degree in education (PGCE) at King’s College.

My experience as a Psychologist and my skills in dealing with people have led me to work in different places and in different countries. However, all those jobs had one thing in common: education.

The world of Spanish for foreigners has always fascinated me. It is now that my dreams have come true, working in a school like vive SPANISH, with an intimate family atmosphere and a great human quality.

I am passionate about animals, but especially dogs.

Candela Nárdiz

Hi, I’m Candela Nárdiz, Spanish teacher since 2008. I studied Hispanic Philology in Madrid and specialised in Teaching Spanish as a Foreign Language (ELE).

I am also a DELE examiner since 2010. I have worked in several Spanish schools with people from all over the world, that’s why I think my job is the best, I never get bored!

I love meeting people and discovering things about their cultures, I’ll be waiting for you in Valencia!

escuela de español para extranjeros en Valencia - Natalia Guillem

Hi, I’m Natalia, Business Management student at CEU Cardenal Herrera University in Valencia and I’m currently finishing a European Business Program at FH Münster, Germany.

I am passionate about the world of Marketing and apart from doing specialised courses I like to learn on my own by reading books and interesting articles. I have managed several marketing campaigns in Germany and my postgraduate specialisation will be in Digital Marketing.

Since I was a child I have lived in an environment linked to the importance of languages as a means of communication. I have achieved a very high level in English and French, and I am currently learning German. I do not rule out the possibility of continuing to learn other languages.

I enjoy travelling, sports, choosing good books to read and spending time with my family.

Our facilities

Welcome to our Spanish school in Valencia, where learning meets comfort and inspiration in an exceptional environment!

Our facilities, spread across a generous 400 m2 of space, are designed to provide the most enriching and enjoyable educational experience possible. With classrooms specifically designed for teaching Spanish, each space has been carefully planned to optimize learning and interaction between students and teachers.

Our classrooms are equipped with the latest educational technologies to offer a modern and dynamic learning environment. From interactive whiteboards to advanced audio systems, each classroom is designed to facilitate communication and understanding.

In addition to our specialized classrooms, our facilities also have large common areas where students can relax, socialize and practice their Spanish in an informal and welcoming atmosphere. Our communal spaces are bright and spacious, with abundant natural light creating an inspiring and stimulating environment for learning.

At our school, we are proud to offer not only an exceptional learning environment, but also a space where our students feel at home. Our goal is to provide an environment that fosters creativity, cultural exchange, and personal growth for each student.

Come discover our facilities and immerse yourself in the exciting world of Spanish in an environment that inspires learning and excellence.
We are waiting for you at our Spanish academy in Valencia!



Space available exclusively for Spanish classes with capacity for up to 10 students.



Space available exclusively for Spanish classes with capacity for up to 10 students.



Space available exclusively for Spanish classes with a capacity of up to 10 students.

escuela de español para extranjeros en Valencia - Aula 4


Space available exclusively for Spanish classes with a capacity of up to 10 students.

escuela de español para extranjeros en Valencia - Aula 5


Space available for Spanish classes with capacity for up to 6 students. And library, during students’ break times. This classroom is also used as a staff room.

escuela de español para extranjeros en Valencia - Aula 6


Space available for Spanish classes with capacity for more than 10 students. This space is also available for workshops and conferences as well as for the school’s collective complementary activities.

escuela de español para extranjeros en Valencia - Aula privada A


Space available exclusively for private Spanish classes.

escuela de español para extranjeros en Valencia - Aula 8


Space available for private Spanish classes.



Space available for students to rest outside class hours.

escuela de español para extranjeros en Valencia - Recepción


Space dedicated to the attention of students both on arrival and at any time during their stay at the school.

All classrooms are equipped with the latest technology, including interactive whiteboards, advanced audio systems and air conditioning (hot/cold), computer, natural light, notice board to display classroom rules and work, as well as the calendar of activities. All classrooms have disabled access.